Your Porsche is a special car and needs special care. We use only quality parts for the maintenance of your car. Also, we do Pre-purchase Inspection.

Pre-track inspection

The Porsche Club of America (PCA) request a pre-track inspection for anybody taking Driver Education lessons. We are recommended by PCA to provide such a service.

Race or Track car fabrication?

You've been bitten by the driving bug and wants to experience something more powerful and challenging to drive. Have a look at the projects we built in the last couple of years. Let us know your intentions and we can build a car for you.

Here's a list of services that we can provide in house:
Mig & Oxyacetylene welding

 Engine rebuilding     

    Engine 01     

Suspension & brake 


susp fr 01

Suspension & brake 



Corner balancing

Track alignment


 Have a look

at the workshop.



Centerlock failure

GT3 Centerlock Problems

Porsche issued a recall and a service bulletin on the centerlocks installed from 2010 on the GT3. Read more...

Safety recall

You have options, either you do the regular maintenance suggested by Porsche or you can upgrade to five lugs setup. We can help you!