AMG Projects


Here's a couple of finished projects:
p.s. You can find more pictures on the Photo Gallery

944 Turbo S 1989 Spyder number 1

944 Turbo S 1989 Spyder number 2
Fronts 275X17, Rears 315 X17
Vitesse Stage 3 kit

944 Turbo Custom Roll cage

944 Turbo 1986
riding on 275 and 315 tires
Centerlock failure

GT3 Centerlock Problems

Porsche issued a recall and a service bulletin on the centerlocks installed from 2010 on the GT3. Read more...

Safety recall

You have options, either you do the regular maintenance suggested by Porsche or you can upgrade to five lugs setup. We can help you!

Virages forum

  • Boxster S Exhaust_24
  • Description: Remplacement du système d'échappement sur une Boxster S 2001