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Porsche GT3 Recall

Centerlock failure

Porsche GT3 Centerlock recall

To all Porsche GT3 owner,

Be advised that Porsche has issued a recall for certain 2010 GT3 which can develop a failure from the centerlock hub and create a hazard for his owner. The cars affected are regular 2010 GT3 (Non RS). The dealers will replaced the rear hubs (Fitting RS hubs). See attached NHTSA recall notice and Porsche recall letter.

Although the hubs will be replaced, the owner (If he's tracking his car!) will have to follow a strict maintenance procedure and replace the rear and front hubs, nuts, bearing and hub carriers on a regular basis. It is unclear if all Centerlock equipped GT3 (RS and Non-RS) will have to follow the same maintenance but it just makes sense.

The maintenance cost will be at the owner's expenses and is estimated at approximately $24K over a period of 8 years (Assuming 3,000Km per year).

The owner has the choice of carrying this costly maintenance or doing a retrofit to five lugs hubs and wheels. Autosport MG is please to offer his customers the retrofit at $5k which includes the parts, the mags and the labor. We are talking a ROI (Return On Investment) of less than 2 years, you don't get that on stock market!

Not only will you be safer on the track, but the other benefits are:

  • · Faster wheel change
  • · Less costly wheels
  • · Increased car value

Don't wait any longer and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an official quote!