Fire extinguisher and bracket

Fire extinguisher and bracket

PCA recommends the installation of a fire extinguisher when you do driver education events. Even though it's very rare to see a car catch fire on the track, we've seen them used a couple of times and it's a good investment whenever you drive on the road or track. Even though it's possible to install a fire extinguisher by drilling the floor, most of the car owners prefer to install it without making holes in the car. It's possible to find a bracket on the Web but most of the brackets are either installed under the seat or permanently bolted to the seat sliders.


We designed a removable stainless steel bracket that fits most models of new Boxster and 911 where the holders are bolted to the seat sliders but the bracket itself is removable. So you have a choice of leaving the bottle there or removing it. It's also easier, faster and cheaper to install since you only have to unbolt the two front seat bolts, slide the holders underneath and reinstall the bolts. A big advantage is definitely not to have remove the seat, putting it back on the garage floor to install the bracket. The potential of damaging the expensive leather is reduce to zero. The bracket cost is $225cdn + $55cdn for the extinguisher.

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You have options, either you do the regular maintenance suggested by Porsche or you can upgrade to five lugs setup. We can help you!