944 A-arms

944 A-arms

944 front a-arms

Whenever you're putting your 944 or even your 951 on the track, one of the most important and stressed part is the front a-arm. It's even worse when you install aftermarket R-compound tires or wider wheels and tires. That's the reason why we recommend to check the ball joint regularly and do not recommend rebuilding them.


We manufacture a complete a-arm made of Chromaloy with adjustable pick-up spherical bearing. The ball joint pin is heat treated to exact hardness and the arm is zinc treated to prevent corrosion. We even include the aluminum caster block. We have the Turbo and non-turbo arms in stock. The price is $1,695cdn. 

Feature Benefits
Many thousand miles of test on the race track Guarantees robustness
Adjustable military spec spherical bearing Won't break on the track
Possibility to adjust the track width to fit tires
Easily replaceable if they wear out
Heat treated ball joint pin (17 or 19mm) User can decide to leave the spindle as is or to ream it to install the bigger pin
High strength bolt for caster block (Grade 12) Increased  safety
Chromaloy tubing, Tig welded Stronger than Aluminum and not as brittle as Stainless Steel. It won't snap on the track, it'll flex instead. Also round tubing is stronger than a square one. It's also very light!
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Safety recall

You have options, either you do the regular maintenance suggested by Porsche or you can upgrade to five lugs setup. We can help you!