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If your car needs a new set of tires or wheels, we can help you! 

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We can supply you with the best racing parts available!



Looking to improve the look or the performance of your car? We have it!



450-431-0332 - To take an appointment.
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    Best Rated


    Autosport MG positions itself as a top quality player in the Montreal area by providing Products & Services unmatched by any other competitors. Our more than 40 years of experience in the sports car business and computer environment guarantees top quality products and services.






    Although we specialize in the 944, 997GT3, Boxster and Cayman, we provide service on most of the new Porsche line. Feel free to look around this Web and contact us if you need more informations.
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    Your Porsche needs regular maintenance and we have the latest tools and knowledge to support you! We keep up to date with the latest software and technique to provides you with years of pleasurable driving.

    and racing


    Although most of our customers prefer to enjoy driving their on a regular basis, many of them wants to drive their cars on a closed circuit to experience the thrill of pushing the car to the limit. This cannot be done without proper maintenance and modifications. We can do it!
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    PDI Inspection


    Buying a Porsche is expensive, finding the right one for your budget is better left to the experts. While we suggest to buy the newest you can afford, you still have to keep some money aside for unexpected failures. We can give you guidance on selecting the right one, we can help by doing a pre-delivery inspection(PDI) at our facility (Full inspection) or going to the seller's place (Not the best, but minimal).


    Support and tuning

    Putting your Porsche on the track is not a task that should be taken lightly. We can you help you to find the proper alignment, choose the best tires, brakes, suspension and equipment to make your experience a safe and memorable one. 
    We can also help you improve your driving technique!
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    OEM and Aftermarket

    You want to maintain your Porsche with the best quality parts, we have an inventory of OEM and after market parts in stock at the best price around. Whenever you want to improve some elements of your Porsche, we can help by providing high qualtiy, specific after market parts.  

    and Racing

    The best quality

    There is a lot of junk out there, you don't want to risk the reliability of your Porsche or your safety by installing low quality parts. We supply only quality, time tested parts. Call us for more info.
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Centerlock failure

GT3 Centerlock Problems

Porsche issued a recall and a service bulletin on the centerlocks installed from 2010 on the GT3. Read more...

Safety recall

You have options, either you do the regular maintenance suggested by Porsche or you can upgrade to five lugs setup. We can help you!

IMS Bearing failure

How much does a Porsche engine cost? Around $15K! One of the most talked about and high impact problems on Posrche is the IMS Bearing failure. We can help to fix it by installing an oil feed for the bearing. Read more...

Keep the value of your Porsche

Official distributor and installer of the TuneRS DOF kit

Short Shifter


Although the next generation of Porsche will come stickless, one of the great pleasure of driving your Porsche is to row throught the gears. But many drivers would prefer a shorter ratio on the shifter. It's possible to reduce it with this quality aluminum short shifter from Maxspeed. Contact us.

98X - 99X - Solid Suspension

Are you wondering why you car seems to float going over bumps at high speed on the track or on the road? It might well caused by the flexing of the rubber bushings holding your suspension arms ro the frame. It changes the camber, the toe and the caster. We can install solid link to cure the problem. 

Best Exhaust - NHP

997 headers One
Do you want to improve the sound of your Porsche or the look of it? Do you feel the you could get a few HP by having a less restrictive system? Do you have one or more catalytic converter fail after warranty? We are official distributors and installers of the high quality NHP exhaust.

Fire extinguisher bracket

Bracket 1
PCA recommends the installation of a fire extinguisher when you do driver education events. Even though it's very rare to see a car catch fire on the track, we've seen them used a couple of times and it's a good investment whenever you drive on the road or track.